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Daisy, Lilly and Moses
Bagheera, Osmanthus, Ducca and Valentina

Success Stories

Here are some stories and comments from owners of successfully homed cats

Bagheera, Osmanthus, Ducca and Valentina

It has been a while since we last saw you, and i wanted to let you know that all our four catcuddles kitties are doing really well. Osmanthus has settled, he is very loving and comes for hugs and kisses all the time. all shyness is forgotten, and no more hiding under the cupboard.

Bagheera is sometimes a little jealous, so we try to give her extra attention.

Ducca and Valentina have grown into big cats, taller than the others, Ducca is very relaxed and sweet, and Valentina is a little more shy, but very brave.. strangers coming to see us or funny noises, she is the first to investigate.

They seem to be all very happy with us, and we are with them. I have attached some pictures for you of them enjoying the sunshine, Valentina, Ducca, Osmanthus, and Baggi sleeping in her new favourite spot, the flowerpot :)

Best Wishes
Bettina & Sham


Thanks again for letting us adopt Lenci last Saturday. She is gorgeous and we are totally smitten with her. She has settled in to our home perfectly and it's already hard to imagine life without her. She has stolen all of our hearts!

I've attached a few photos of her so you can see how content she is already.

Maureen - you were my first point of contact and I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance with finding our perfect kitten. It is really appreciated.

Best regards and thanks for everything.


Daisy, Lilly and Moses

Our three lovely kittens are doing really well and we have enjoyed having them join our family. The two tabbies we have named Daisy and Lily and their brother who joined them later when his leg had healed we have named Moses. He settled in very quickly and has grown really fast . His fur is like velvet and he tears around like a whirlwind. He has a favourite crinkly mouse which he chases and if his sisters come near he warns them off with a growl! He also chooses to sit on the dark brown leather chairs or the dark brown throw and being all black he is very well camouflaged.
All three kittens are adorable and the tabbies still like a lap to sit on and they all purr so much. We feel so lucky to have them and are enjoying seeing them grow up. In the months that we have had them , they have not bitten or scratched us at all even when playing with us and they have gentle calm natures.
Daisy and Lily have recovered from their operations and their fur has almost grown back now. They are all still indoor cats at present as they need to grow a bit more and the weather needs to improve before we allow them outside. They are all very interested in watching the garden through the window and their favourite place is on the downstairs bay windowsill in the sun, three in a row!

Jess our other older cat has been much more friendly towards them and will sit next to Daisy but she doesn't like it when they are running and jumping. The hisses have become fewer and she has realised that they are here to stay . However , Moses is very cheeky as he sits on her favourite chair whenever he can. I think he's the boss!

Thank you for nurturing our three lovelies before we had them, you all did a fantastic job.



Milo has finally settled in well after a period where he and existing cat Purdey didn't get on at all! it was all a bit "pistols (or indeed claws) at dawn" at first and they couldn't even see each other without getting upset. We had to keep them separate for a couple of months as they slowly got used to each other. We were starting to think they would never be able to be in the same room as none of the conventional methods for gradually introducing them were working, but eventually we used a combination of a child proof gate, some plyboard and lots of patience to get them used to being in each others company! They are now tolerant of each other and last night were cuddled up together on the bed.

They have a fight every morning to wake us up, but it's mostly play-type fighting and not serious - they mostly take it in turns to chase and ambush each other and bop each other on the head with their paws, but no one gets hurt...

I'm amazed at how playful Milo is for an older cat - he loves to chase feet under the duvet, to chase Purdey round the house, to go after my wool when I'm knitting and to play with toy mice which I regularly find everywhere. I have to say that most spats are started by Purdey, who waits around the corner and bashes Milo on the head as he walks past - he retaliates and she then looks all injured and offended! Mostly he wants to play and she doesn't always, but they are getting more and more tolerant of each other and I am unconcerned about leaving them together.

Because he gets quite a lot of exercise he has lost a bit of weight since he's lived here which is a good thing. He's still pretty big, but slightly trimmer - when he first moved here he weighed over a stone and he is still quite a weight when he sits on your lap, you definitely know he's there! He also has a lovely shiny coat and all the little burrs in his fur that used to be there and that he hated you touching have gone - we brushed some out, cut a couple out and they are being prevented through the occasional brush and lots of love.

Milo likes nothing better than to snuggle up with you on the sofa, and sleeps every night at the end of the bed very contentedly - he snores! I think his previous owner must have been a very sedentary person because he occasionally still gets a bit jumpy when people walk around too much - he definitely prefers his humans stationary!

I'm very pleased that Milo came to join our little family and that he has settled in well.

Love from Melissa, Rodney, Milo and Purdey x


Aaaaah we love little Daisy. We've had her for 6 months now and I think she's almost completely settled in. She's a very nervous soul and flinches and anything too loud or fast moving so we've had to be careful and gentle with her to coax her out. However, under that very shy shell is a really cheeky little kitty with oodles of character and love.

When I first met her before she came home with us she was so quiet up on her shelf with her nose tucked underneath her paws I would never have imagined she's become so, well, vocal! She meows and chirps all the time. You can tell the difference between an 'I love you' meow and a 'feed/play with me dammit!' meow, it's really funny. If I'm on my laptop and not giving her attention she'll jump up and sit on it until I put it down and give her a little cuddle.

When I come home from work she's already at the front door waiting for me, with her tail quivering like crazy. We've given up shutting the bedroom door at night because she just scratches and meows until we get up and let her in, then she'll either sleep by the side of the bed or on our pillows between me and Tom. She really has us wrapped around her little finger!

She likes having her tummy rubbed but not for too long, and is also still a little bit nervous of new people. She's getting much more curious and spends most of her days sitting in the window wishing she could get at the pigeons. We're hoping to move in the next year with a garden and although she is happy as an indoor cat, I think she would love to chase birds in a safe bit of grass. She also sometimes sits on the back of the sofa and licks and nibbles at my hair!

There's one thing that I thought she'd never do which she loves doing, is snoozing on my lap. If she jumps up and starts butting me or gently licking or nibbling my hand I know she wants to get on my lap. So I put a cushion on my lap and on she gets, usually sleeping and purring for the rest of the evening, which I take as the ultimate compliment.

When we took Daisy home I was fully expecting a gentle but quiet little lady who wasn't a massive fan of contact which was totally fine with us. I would have never have dreamed that she would have become such a warm, loving and affectionate cat. I can't begin to describe the amount of love we have for her, she's made our house a home.

Thank you for letting us have her. She'll be safe for the rest of her life.


Paloma and Faith

Paloma and Faith (ex-Fontaine) are doing very well, they are adorable, naughty, funny and mischievous.Faith is all adventure and fun, Paloma is all love and peace. Faith is the one pushing boundaries and breaking glass, and Paloma does as she is told, and then she embraces you and strokes you. She is very caring and is always cleaning and hugging Faith, even if Faith doesn't want it (Paloma can be pushy...).

They are in good health, eat all their food, and carry out their litter business like there's no tomorrow. Their favourite daddy is Stephen, and are on top of him for hours, purring and fussing. He loves it...

We take them into the garden once a week on Sundays, we don't let them free, we have them on a lead. Faith loves it, and she has already run after squirrels and birds, Paloma is a bit more tentative, and sometimes just stays in the door of the kitchen, looking to her stepsister run around, sometimes she runs backs to the home scared of any sound.

We probably will let them free in the garden by summer, but we are a bit scared for Faith, as she just wants to run and explore. We know that we will have to let her at one point, but we want to be there so she will be supported. We had a very lovely Christmas watching TV with them on our laps, and they seem very content.

All in all, a family of very happy bunnies!

Jose, Stephen, Paloma and Faith


Last June, the Catcuddles sanctuary received a rescue enquiry regarding a stray pregnant cat with a wound on her back.

The sanctuary was full at the time so, the lady who reported the cat, kindly agreed to feed her until a space would come available. Not long after, the cat delivered the kittens somewhere outside, so we could only monitor her movement, until the kittens would show-up.

Weeks later, neighbours reported sights of three kittens, but days later, only one kitten was spotted with mum... At the end of august, the feral kitten was trapped. Mum cat stayed with the lady who was feeding her, and she is now called Lucky.

That is how I came about meeting Chica, the little feral kitten with big eyes. I was given the task to foster and socialise this 12 weeks old kitten. She had never been handled by people before. She was my little project and she was hard work! The first two weeks she was hissing, frightened and she did not like me! The poor thing was terrified by her new environment.

But it was not long before she realized it was not worth fighting off cuddles, and that sharing a warm seat on the sofa with 2 other cats and 3 little dogs was rather nice. I soon discovered her soppy and adorable side... and fell in love with her.

The day I saw mummy cat, I would have never imagine I would have adopted her kitten. She is my little survivor, I am so glad she made it through...

I am very proud of her progress, as she is now a perfectly domesticated kitty...well behaved (not! she is naughty!), playful and full of life! She loves chasing the dogs around the house, and play hide and seek with Leo the cat. She sleeps on the bed and purrs by my side!

Every day Chica put a smile on my face, and I want to thank "Lucky" for bringing this kitten into my life!

(now in Greenwich)

Cally AKA Calypso (1-2 years)

"Well, it has been two weeks now and I am having lots of fun. I LOVE playing at night and enjoy running up and down the stairs really quickly. Otherwise, I play with my toys and my mum keeps saying she is surprised at finding the green and red toy I had in the sanctuary in different rooms, upstairs and downstairs, but I love it and carry it around.

There were some lovely dangly things that I played with and next day I heard my mum say they were her tights that she was going to wear for work and that they were ruined. I don't know what 'work' or 'tights' mean but they didn't look ruined to me: there was lots left to play with!

I have had a tiny bit of salmon and a little piece of chicken, which I loved! Best of all dad gave me sardines when mum wasn't looking. I heard her tell him not to spoil me but I think I deserve it. They were yummy!!

I am a bit scared of the television and the fan oven and I run away when mum uses the electric toothbrush. I think I will get used to them in time.

Mum lets me sleep on her bed at night but shuts her bedroom door in the day, which is a shame. I love sleeping on the bed and I play with Mums toes through the duvet if she is naughty and wiggles them! Mum said I meow a lot, and I suppose I do now, but there is so much to say and to communicate!

I am very very curious about what is on the other side of the front door but Mum said I can only go out the back door and not until about Christmas. I will be patient and wait until then.

Dad takes lots and lots of photographs of me and they both tell me how beautiful I am which is very nice to hear. I will send a photo that was taken this week of me stretching. I LOVE stretching!

Meows and kisses
Cally xxx "
(now in Greenwich)


She is doing really well, and she seems to feel completely at home now
- in fact she's now so sociable that often she even likes to attention
seek when she feels neglected! Now that the weather is getting colder
we often find her asleep on our feet when we wake up in the morning,
and if not she'll quickly run into the bedroom and leap onto the bed
for some attention as soon as she hears us getting up. And if I'm
ignoring her too much while I'm working in the afternoon, I'll often
feel a paw tugging at my sleeve, or suddenly find there's a sulky cat
walking over the keyboard! We've decided to rename her Cookie Monster,
or simply The Monster.

We've found that Cookie has a few life rules that she always follows:
1. If someone gets themselves a glass of water, it's really for her.
2. If there's a box, she must climb inside it and scratch it as much
as possible.
3. Similarly, if someone opens a drawer or cupboard, she has to jump
into it. If she can stop that person getting anything out of the
drawer, even better!
4. If someone goes to the bathroom, that means they want company.
5. Plastic bags and aerosols are the enemy!

Unfortunately, despite all her exploring, she's actually put on a bit
of weight, so we've had to cut back on her treats, and reduce her
dry food slightly. It took us a while to realise how greedy she is -
she will literally eat whatever you put out for her, no matter how big
the portion is!

Cookie really is an adorable creature, delightfully curious,
endearingly clumsy, sometimes heartbreakingly nervous around new
things, but also brave - her inquisitive nature quickly takes over -
and she was very stoic at the vet. We think she's happy here, she
certainly gets plenty of attention, and we try to keep her entertained
by getting her new toys and boxes to play with. We wish we could give her
a bigger home to explore, especially when we find her gazing out of the window
at the garden. Hopefully before too long we'll be able to move to a bigger

Milo and Mystery

As it's around my two-month "cattiversary", I thought I would send you some photos of Milo and Mystery.

There are fewer pictures of Mystery, as she's a little camera-shy; but she is much more relaxed and friendly than she was and hardly ever hides any more. She comes to find me in the mornings to ask for love (and food), and is starting to come and investigate strangers too, and stays to be petted. She knows her name and comes when I call her. She's put on a little weight and looks healthy, and her coat is thick and shiny.

Milo is a magnificent cat, and has made the place his own. He LOVES food, so I am watching his weight. Noise and people don't bother him at all. He is curious about everything and comes to assist with rehearsals in my living room. While I am practicing opera arias at the piano, he will fall asleep in a nearby chair. He also likes to run up and down the living room and stairs, and play with things. When I was making costumes for a recent play, he became fascinated by a piece of white tulle veil which I've let him keep. Empty thread spools are also a favourite.

The two of them are best friends and like to groom each other, chase, wrestle, and fall asleep curled up together. Mystery always wins the fights, and Milo seems happy to defer to her. She is teaching him many things about being a cat.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the staff at Catcuddles for helping me to adopt these two lovely cats. They have brought such joy to my life for the short time I have known them, and I hope we'll all have many happy years together.

(Now in Tower Bridge)


Hi there thought it was about time I contacted you to let you know how brilliantly Magnus has settled in and is very much adored by all! He is extremely affectionate and playful and loves cuddling up with all of us.

He has also become the second member of the household with a keen interest in lego. Helmets, hats and wigs in particular are a favourite to be taken and tossed around. Thank you for Magnus, I am sure he would not be the loving pet he is had it not been for the nurturing you gave him in his first few months.

Thank you.

Tux and Marley

Tux showed up on our doorstep one Saturday, a scruffy skinny kitten who was obviously hungry and lost. We had a plumber in, the front door was open, and the kitten ran into the house up the stairs, and just sat looking at me. From various neighbours the kitten had been on our street for a couple weeks and had been begging for food; fortunately fed by a few. We put him him our garden, gave him food and a bed and started calling around to work out what to do with him, we both work long hours and travel, so I didn't believe keeping him was an option. We found Catcuddles through a local vet (no microchip for the kitten) and they not only agreed to take him as soon as they could but gave us invaluable advice on how to get him settled indoors after being outside for so long on his own. When he was finally comfortable with his room and us, he slept for three days! We never gave up Tux, and Catcuddles continued to help us when needed as Tux and us settled in together.

Once Tux was settled in his new home, we decided we had room for another. I was picking up Catcuddles after a holiday where Tux was looked after by the team, visiting with the kittens and cats, and there was Marley. All her brothers had been adopted and her mother was leaving shortly to go to her new home. We came to visit again the following weekend and just had to take her home (at the time we thought she was a boy but that was sorted out quickly enough). Marley had started life as a feral kitten before Catcuddles rescued her family of 6, so we were aware settling her in was going to take some time but she was still a kitten and with lots of handling would come around. It took a couple of weeks to get her to come out of her room, she remained shy for ages after that, but persistence pays off and she is the most adorable friendly kitten. After the customary initial hissing and growling, Marley and Tux are now the best of friends, and it's been wonderful watching them grow up and develop their personalities.

Tux runs around like mad, loves to climb, watches "cat TV" (birds and other cats) from his perch by the window and can't really entertain himself, he needs Marley or us for that. Marley is more independent, watches actual tv and even has her own game on the iPad! She plays contentedly given some toys. She is delicate and careful, to Tux's more energetic approach to life, and having two means if we are late home sometimes, they are ok, they love to see us but are also ok with each other.

I have no idea what we did for entertainment prior to having them both, occasionally it's been hard work, but having either come to you for attention or when they curl up next to you on the couch and look at you with unconditional trust, safe and happy after what they both went through to get to us, its just worth it.

From a "full home", Westcombe Park, Greenwich.

(Editor's note: Tux is technically not a Catcuddles kitty as he only made it to our waiting list; Marley is very much a Catcuddles kitten; both are now members of the Catcuddles "extended family"!)


I thought you might like an update on the little madam herself!!

She has certainly settled in very well and she is getting more and more attached to me and she comes to greet me when I open the front door which she didn't do at first. She has also come to sleep on my bed a couple of times but never when I am not in it! As for touching her, she tolerates a little stroking more than to begin with but you still have to be ready to get your hand out the way quickly!!! My hands have got a few bites and scratches, lol but that is to be expected. She is also very very chatty now and not at all worried about telling me if her food isn't up to scratch or if I am playing with the wrong toy!! And she really does like to play!!!! Overall she is looking great, she purrs a lot, her tail is usually upright and she is doing just fine. She is also very clean and has learnt very quickly what she can and cannot jump on (in fact I am really impressed with that as she is a very clever little lady).

I spent a night away from home on Friday so she was on her own a bit but tolerated that really well. My mum popped up to feed her and she was fine. I have also found that she is very sociable with visitors and doesn't seem to be scared of much.

I am sure there is still plenty to learn but it already feels like she has been here forever and I love her to bits. I am so glad that I saw her on your site and thank you all for your help in putting us together.

Thanks for everything


Misty and Monster (AKA Misty and Dusty kittens)

Well... an update on the babies:
Dusty (now Monster and actually a girl, but name stuck anyway!) is coming on leaps and bounds. Very playful and now constantly purring and can be exceptionally soppy as well. Makes herself perfectly at home in the front room and I have started introducing her to my cats and so far all going well.

Misty, who was our main concern, as she wasn't progressing as well as the boys, now seems like a different kitten. The last week has been amazing and she really seems to have matured and although still a few steps behind the others, she has got so much better. She is still besotted with my older cat Millie, but Misty will now purr away all night when she is with me and my boyfriend now as well, and doesn't have to have Millie with her to do this. Now also lets you stroke her and loves to play with you. We really couldn't believe the change in her. Prior to this change though, my boyfriend and I were concerned about her potential to be rehomed, and made the decision to also adopt her! So both Monster and Misty are staying here, so Misty won't be parted from her sister and will have her foster granny in my cat Millie :-)

(a month later)
Misty and Monster are now both extremely soppy and love their cuddles. They now have the run of the house with my two other cats and they all get on fine. Misty is still obsessed with my old cat Millie and follows her everywhere and likes to chase and play with her tail, and at 17 Millie is not always impressed with that lol. They are very cute together :-)

(two months later)
They are six months old now and you would never know that they were once feral kittens, then have turned into the most adorable and affection little ladies. I can't imagine life without my new additions now, and they have certainly brought a new energy into our household, as they are constantly charging around the house playing and jumping on our laps for cuddles and kisses.

I feel so happy that I was able to play such a big part in changing their lives and would strongly recommend that other people also give feral kittens and cats a chance. All they need is lots of love and patience, and you will find it so much more rewarding knowing that you have had such a big impact on their lives, and in turn they will reward you with lots of love and cuddles.

(Now in Bexley)

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