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About Catcuddles


Welcome to the warmest little kitty heaven in the South East, where human-feline affection is as important as daily meal times.

Our charity is the dream child of a devoted pet lover and was inspired by her special-needs feline, Mr Cuddles. It is set up to offer a home-from-home environment to healthy kitties in need of affection, attention and rehabilitation, who can no longer stay with their families and need to find a new loving home.

Although we are a nation of cat lovers, sometimes circumstances make it objectively unviable for some of us to keep our beloved companions. This is where Catcuddles comes in to help.

We are passionate about looking after cats as if they were our own when they most need us, we get them all up-to-date with their health checks, provide routine care and assess their behaviour so we can find each one of them a responsible, deserving forever home. We always put the kitties' welfare first because that is what we believe a true-to-cause cat charity should be about.


We are a registered charity as of July 2012. Our work with cats is entirely funded by public donations and we hope we will soon have the critial mass to attract charity grants.  Our volunteer team is our greatest asset and they are the spirit of and strength behind Catcuddles. Their contribution is priceless and commitment to our cause strong and lasting. Any reserve funding we have at times is put towards rescuing stray kitties from perishing, particularly pregnant stray mums, vulnerable kittens, special needs and elderly cats. We also help with feral colonies, depending on resources and local community support. 

In 2016 we are expanding our work and presence to North London where our new headquarters will open in January 2017. We have been preparing a cat clinic and our first proper rehoming hub. Fundraising for the clinic has been a mammoth task but we are nearly there! 

Another main objective is to help senior citizens and people with disabilities to keep their felines when they have pressure to give them up due to lack of mobility, by helping them with vet trips and occasional hands-on care. We believe pets are the most precious form of therapy to humans and they should remain in loving familiar environments. If we can help make this possible for as many as our resources can support, it will be worth the effort.

Thanks for taking the time to browse through our website. We hope you let us know if there is a way you can contribute, by donating time, money, or other resources towards promoting and caring for a healthy urban feline population.

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