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Adopt A Cat   last updated - 29th Apr 2017

Adopting a cat is an immensely rewarding experience and you can really make a difference. Here are a few of the kitties we are lucky to have across our volunteer foster homes at Catcuddles. 

Please get in touch via our "Contact Us" enquiry form and we would be happy to give you a more up to date picture of the kitties for adoption and book you in for a visit. Please note that cats are hosted across a sizeable area of SE London, so visiting your kitties of choice may require two stops! 


1 year old Sammy is a lovely, gentle boy with plenty of energy and spark.

A little on the lanky side, he has long legs that are constantly in motion - he likes to play, wrestle and climb and would love a safe garden to explore in his new home. He is also very friendly and loves to be fussed over and have his chin scratched, purring like an engine. He seems to mix well with other cats, and is just an all round sweet-natured cat, looking for love and fun.

  • 2-10 years
  • Sociable
  • Ideal first cat
  • Good with children


Vlad is an independent, curious and active young 2 year old who has just arrived at CatCuddles, after being discovered living as a stray in quite a poor condition.

Now fully recovered from his ordeal, he is looking for an indoor-only home. Because he is a new arrival, we'll be getting to know him in the coming weeks and will have more information on him soon.

  • 2-10 years
  • Sociable
  • Indoor only


Connie is 17 years old and like many senior cats, she is still very healthy, curious and alert, whilst also being placid and laid back. She was sadly surrendered at a vet surgery as her owner felt she could no longer look after her, and rather than end the life of a healthy, purry cat prematurely, the vet contacted us. She is a little on the skinny side, so we're concentrating on feeding her up. She is loving and sweet and very, very gentle and needs some TLC in a new home.

Connie is quite shy when she meets new people, but all she needs is some gentle strokes and she will quickly gain confidence. She can be startled easily, but in general whenever showing any signs of shyness all Connie needs is some fuss and reassurance and she recovers quickly. It's quite understandable that she would be a little unsure of herself, having been rehomed late in life. She is generally affectionate and purrs the moment she is touched, and she is easy going and undemanding, simply a lovely cat. A peaceful retirement home, which could be indoor only, would suit this gentle soul.

  • Senior 10+
  • Sociable
  • Solo cat
  • Indoor only

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat
1. Seniors are more likely to be housetrained.
2. Seniors are less likely to chew, scratch and destroy your possessions.
3. Seniors require less patience, time and energy.
4. Seniors spend more time napping and are happy to have you join them.
5. Seniors are generally calmer and tend to settle in quicker.
6. With seniors, what you see is what you get. They have already grown into their shape and personality.
7. You will be a providing a loving home to a cat who often gets passed by for a cute kitten or puppy.
8. Most important of all, senior pets will reward you with love, affection and devotion, day after day.
Please consider adopting one of our many senior residents because older pets need love too!

The privilege of loving a senior and the knowledge that you have given this older pet a second chance at life makes it all worth the pain of eventual separation.


    Needed - Homes in Rural Locations!

    Felines need interaction with humans from the very beginning of their lives in order to develop into well socialised adult cats, who are comfortable with being touched and held by people. When this doesn't happen - when cats are born on the streets to stray mothers, or abandoned at a very young age, for example - they may grow into cats who are semi-feral or feral, willing to interact with people only at a distance and preferring to spend much of their time outside.

    At CatCuddles we regularly encounter cats like these who have had tremendously difficult starts in life, and wish to offer them a chance at happiness, especially as they were deprived of it as kittens. It is possible to do so by finding them homes in rural and countryside locations, where they can spend much of their time outside but with the option of shelter available, be it a house with access via a cat-flap or a specially converted barn. Such homes are ideal because they are located away from busy roads and the many hazards of cities, allowing cats to roam freely and safely, to some extent reverting back to a natural state, and interacting with their human companions to whatever extent they are comfortable with.

    Cats that exhibit feral behaviour tend to be fantastic companions for cats and other animals, and great at catching mice and other prey. This is because they are so in tune with their instincts. They also may gradually become less feral as they get to know the people around them, learning to trust those who feed them regularly and show them kindness, however they may never allow themselves to be touched or come too close, though over the years we have seen some near miraculous transformations.

    If you live in a rural location, and would like to offer a feral, semi feral or just very shy cat a chance at life, please get in touch. You will need to be able to provide the cat with regular food and care from a distance, and offer him or her the option of coming inside if he or she chooses. In the event that the cat needs veterinary care, CatCuddles can assist with capture and transport. All cats adopted from us are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

    When cats develop feral behaviors, it's usually because they have been failed by people at the very start of their lives. If we do not find them homes because of this, then we are failing them again. If you can offer the right environment for such a cat, then please get in touch ASAP and change a life.

    • For experienced homes
    • Good with cats
    • Street savvy
    • Shy
    • Under 2 years
    • 2-10 years

    Mary - RESERVED

    4 year old Mary is a sweet, special needs girl who has endured a lot already in her short life, having originally come to CatCuddles from a shelter in Egypt with extremely poor living conditions. She will need a very understanding home with individuals who are not only looking to adopt a cat but to also change a cat's life.

    Mary is a cat who is extremely eager for love and affection, but because of her traumatic past, can be a little unsure of new people initially. She startles easy and often flees at loud noises, so often needs lots of reassurance to coax her back round. She is also however very gentle and once she feels safe is a purring machine. She will need a peaceful, laid back home where she can grow in confidence and shed some of her timidness.

    Mary also has special needs that mean she requires an understanding home. She has just three legs, the result of an injury when she was just a kitten and still living as a stray, and has a condition called Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or IBD. Whilst Mary's missing limb poses no issues for her quality of life - like all cats she copes amazingly well with it - IBD is a little more complicated.

    This is a condition that effects Mary's digestive system, causing symptoms such as diarrhoea and a fluctuating appetite. If un-managed, it can cause some symptoms that are difficult to live with, like 'leaking' of the bowels, however Mary is currently on daily medication that prevents this, and is currently on a strict diet of fish. This seems to be working at present, however we will be monitoring her carefully in the coming months to make sure there are no further issues. We know that this will sadly cause many adopters to overlook Mary, but home there is a understanding, big-hearted person out there who is willing to manage Mary's condition and love her in spite of it.

    Mary will need an indoor-only home as she is unused to navigating the British streets. Though we can't change how Mary's story began, with an amazing, loving home we can give it a happy ending.

    • 2-10 years
    • Sociable
    • Shy
    • Special needs cat
    • Indoor only


    2 year old Trent is a sociable, very active and rambunctious boy who has just arrived at CatCuddles. We will have more information on him in the coming days.

    He is looking for a home where he can be the only cat, and we will consider spacious indoor home for him and those with very safe outdoor access.

    • 2-10 years
    • Sociable
    • Solo cat

    Our Guidelines For Adopting A Cat

     All cats coming to be adopted via Catcuddles are fully vet-checked, neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated, flea-treated, de-wormed quarterly and microchipped. If necessary, we also run further checks, such as FIV/FELV test, urinalisis, geriatric blood tests etc, Some cats also need dentals or more invasive ops, to ensure they are fit and healthy before being prepared for adoption. No cat is unadoptable! 

    It is important for the Rescue, Welfare and Adoption Teams to ensure we are giving these felines the best possible start to a healthy, or at least comfortablw and pain-free future with their newly adopted family. Adoption donations are invited at the time of adoption on the basis of "one cat out one cat in" , i.e. at a level that would cover the vet costs so we can immediately rescue a stray or unwanted cat. This cost varies between £90 and £125 per cat, depending on whether we also need to neuter. We have rarely had to explain why this level of donation is necessary to those who are aware of what a vet trip costs these days! Cats coming to us for rehoming are also sponsored by the originating family who can no longer look after them but are happy to support their upkeep while with us. 

    Before adopting a cat a routine home visit is always carried out by one of our volunteers or by virtual tour (eg. facetime), as soon as the prospective adopter reserves a Catcuddles feline. Post-adoption visits are also likely, and facebook/email updates by the new family are required for at least the first 6 months of adoption, so we can make sure your cat is settling happily in his/her new home and its humans are happy too. Catcuddles offer help and advice for anything relating to the welfare and care of a Catcuddles kitty for the duration of the cat's life. As we like to say, "once a Catcuddles cat, always a Catcuddles cat"!

    We are also available for advice, should somoene need help with any behaviour(s) perceived as strange, unwelcome or unexpected, so we can help make sense of them and help provide a solution. This is a donation-based service and is also subject to availability of the more experienced key volunteers to advise as well as our most experienced resource, our founder. A trusted vet should always be the first port of call with clinical/medical issues and emergencies, so we always advise registering with a vet as soon as you adopt a cat. We also advise that you know who your nearest emergency vet is; it is often impossible to make sense of Google results at 1am with a poorly cat...

    Finally, we also strongly recommend that pet insurance should be a serious consideration for your cat; every Catcuddles cat adopted leaves us with a Petplan insurance leaflet, and a clear idea of the reasons why we know insurance can save lives.

    A note on Neutering, the most important activity of any cat charity 

    We are happy to accept donations of any size that will be stipulated specifically to neuter stray and unwanted cats. Please let us know at the point of donating (eg. via Paypal) that you exclusively wish to have your donation used towards neutering. 

    All public donations for neutering will go exclusively towards neutering. We also help with low cost neutering to those who may be finding it hard to cover the private vet fee, so long as they are within reach of our two vets within the Borough of Greenwich and will soon be offering donation-based neutering at our North London Cat Clinic. 


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