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Cuddle time is part of the daily routine

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering with the charity, or have space in your life and your home for a cat in need.

The most important prerequisites are that you are passionate about cats and their welfare and are keen to help spread the word about responsible cat ownership as a passionate Catcuddles advocate.

We are looking for volunteers for all types of help:

Rehmoming hub daily routine volunteers, involved with the daily clean-and-socialise of our current resident kitties.

Web/online editor, as a virtual, home-based volunteer.

Newsletter editor, as a home-based volunteer.

Fundraising events, such as a sponsored charity event of your choice, or if you have your own idea for a fundraiser.

Email admin: help responding to rescue and adoption enquiries (as a home-based volunteer).

Telephone helpline: help taking down rescue and adoption enquiries (as a home-based volunteer).

Transport Volunteer: help with the transport of cats to the vets, taking cats from the rehoming hubs to their foster families, collecting cats and bringing them to a rehoming hub.

Fostering: We are always looking for special cat loving volunteers with the time to look after one of the Catcuddles felines at their home, either in a dedicated room or a special kitty chalet we will install in your garden.
All expenses are paid by Catcuddles.

If you can provide any help on these, please email:

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